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        Allow me to introduce myself

        My name is Lee Brinkman and I am a freelance graphic designer living in the gorgeous Okanagan Valley of British Columbia.  I have been designing logos, graphics, and dabbling in web design for approximately 15 years.  My style is simple and uncluttered. I believe that content is of utmost importance but I favour the "less is more" approach to design in order to use imagery to attract your target audience and give them an impactful, memorable and emotional connection to your business, product or service.

        So just how pricey is graphic design?

        Well, let me start by saying this...you get what you pay for.  Design a logo in Microsoft Word and you (and your customers) will know what I mean.  That said, good logo and graphic design doesn't have to break the bank.  I am very fair in my pricing and am happy to provide you with a quote so you will never encounter any bad surprises with me, only good ones.